How to deal with Erectile Dysfuncton (ED)

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has been defined by Physicians as a persistent (i.e., >3 consecutive months) inability to achieve and/or maintain a full erection for sexual intercourse. Accumulating evidence based on scientific research and clinical trials suggests that there is a global prevalence of this disease.

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Troubles and lack of interest in sexual intercourse is a frequent occurrence among adult partners. If a man becomes a victim of such an unpleasant situation, many factors may contribute to this situation, which includes a variety of psychological complexes, relationship quarreling, constant self-dissatisfaction, and poor quality intimate life. Worldwide, nearly one out of two men between the ages of 30 to 45 years suffers from erectile dysfunction, and with increasing age prevalence worsens.

Specific causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) may be numerous. Alcohol consumption may influence erectile function, constant stress, quarrels with colleagues or within the family, or physical fatigue or malaise. If a poor erection or a complete lack of one is an isolated phenomenon, a man should not worry. Following proper rest and relaxation, potency is typically restored. By contrast, if ED and sexual failure are chronic, it is important for a man to seek consultation with a specialist who will be able to diagnose and solve the underlying problem.

In most cases and irrespective of the underlying cause, the diagnosis of ED can be successfully treated with the help of specific modern medicines.

How to get rid of erectile dysfunction?

A doctor will typically recommend that a patient radically change life habits and choices in order to improve erectile function. For example, eliminating bad habits, reducing the number of alcoholic beverages or entirely abstain, and live a reasonable balance between work and leisure.

If the cause of ED is constant stress and nervous tension at work it makes sense for a man to make lifestyle changes, which should include more rest, relaxation, and vacations.

Treatment of ED typically involves taking special medications. Therefore, men should give up taking unproven supplements and/or homeopathic remedies to treat ED. These alternative and unproven methods not only fail at treating ED, but they can also lead to harmful allergic reactions.